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Supercharger bolt on kit - BMW E30 M20 325

Stage1 = 250HP
Complete supercharger kit with many possible upgrade opportunities. This supercharger kit offers more than you would expect. The kit offers all hardware needed for outputs up to 380 HP. If you choose to use the larger Rotrex C38 supercharger range there is potential for even more power.

The kit contains:
Supercharger: C30-94 incl pulley
CCR-Racing Bracket for supercharger
CCR-Racing Intercooler
CCR-Racing bypass valve
Hoses and tubes
High flow fuel injectors excl ECU software
Tractionoil: 1 litre for C30-xx-models

Please note that this kit can be used on other BMW E30 models with small changes

Price for 1Stk 3.300,00 EUR
excl. freight & VAT

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